James Lee talks about property fraud

Property fraud is on the increase. Many properties are vulnerable to fraudsters but this is particularly so with empty properties. Some people argue that property fraud has been made easier by the fact that most properties are now registered at the Land Registry and the title to properties is open to any member of the public. Fraudsters have on numerous occasions used access to the Land Registry to find details of the title and then execute a transfer of the property to an innocent purchaser after showing them around the empty property. It is important to protect your properties as much as you can against fraud and to assist the land Registry have introduced their alert service which is easily accessed via their website. After signing up you can register your properties so that any time somebody carries out an official search against the registered title or an application for dealing with the title is received you will get an email alert from the Land Registry and can take immediate action. It is even possible to set up alerts for properties that you do not own.

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