We have a special interest in ecclesiastical law – particularly the law relating to the Church of England.

One of our directors, Jeremy Wilding, is Hereford Diocesan Registrar (from August 2020). Michelle Wilmot is the Registry Clerk with particular responsibility for faculty applications and processing of clergy licences. They will also be assisted by Melanie Tree and Rachael Hughes, who are to act as Deputy Registrars.

The Diocesan Registry is the legal office for the Diocese of Hereford, which covers all of Herefordshire, the southern half of Shropshire and some parishes in parts of Powys.

The main areas of work which are undertaken in a Diocesan Registry include:

  • Advice

The giving of Advice to Bishops, Archdeacons, Diocesan Boards, Committees and Churchwardens and Parochial Church Councils and dealing with general enquiries from Members of the Public in relation to marriage, baptism, burial and other matters of Ecclesiastical Law.

  • Appointments

Preparation of Licences, Permissions, Institutions, Collation documents for all Clergy and some lay appointments within the Diocese.

  • Diocesan Records

The maintenance of records relating to Churches, Clergy etc.

  • Faculties

The granting of Faculties to authorise changes or alterations to Churches and Burial Grounds.

  • Marriage Licences

The issue of Common Marriage Licences under the provisions of the 1949 Marriage Act.

  • Patronage

Maintenance of a Register of Patrons of parishes within the Diocese.

  • Charity Advice

Advice on charity law, including the setting up of new charities.

To visit the Hereford Diocesan Registry website please click here:   https://hereforddiocesanregistry.co.uk/