On the 6 April the Government’s Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 will come in to force. This new Act will drastically reform the divorce process by removing the requirement for either party to have to prove ‘fault’ in order to obtain a divorce. The new laws are being introduced with the aim of simplifying the proceedings and helping couples to collaboratively move their divorce forward.

The new laws are designed to help couples progress through the divorce proceedings in an amicable manner, without placing blame at either party’s door. This is the first time that the divorce laws have been changed in over 50 years and the change is most welcome in family law.

Getting divorced is often an incredibly difficult and emotional time. After divorce, families still have to function and where there are children of the marriage this need is even more important. At Gabbs we understand the strain divorce proceedings can place on our clients and their families and we are here to advise and help you through that challenging time.

We have an experienced family law team who are ready to help and advise should you require our services.

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