Director & Solicitor, Nansi Webb explains why Wills are vital for unmarried couples

A recent case reported in the Law Society Gazette highlights how important it is for co-habitees to have up-to-date wills.

Joy Williams and Norman Martin lived together for 18 years as co-habitees after Norman's estrangement from his wife.  They owned their home jointly.

Norman did not update his will and died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

There is no such thing legally as a "common-law wife" (or husband).  Joy Williams was not entitled to anything from his estate. 

She had the traumatic experience of having to apply to Court for his half of the house to be awarded to her to provide the financial support she was lacking since his death.

Luckily the Court ruled in her favour or she would have faced having to sell the house.

An updated will would have saved a lot of heartache.  Keeping your will up to date is relevant for everyone not just unmarried couples.

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