There is no legal definition of cohabitation and it is generally taken to mean a couple living together without being married. In different areas of law, the word “cohabitation” means different things and gives different rights. Cohabiting couples can be lesbian or gay partners as well as heterosexual partners.

The rights granted to married couples are not necessarily granted to partners who are cohabiting without being married. For many couples it is important that they should understand their rights, responsibilities and obligations to one another and to any children of their relationship.

Solicitors at Gabbs are accustomed to dealing with cohabitation issues including banking, debts, children, domestic violence, money and possessions, ending relationships, changing names, financial support, Court proceedings, publicly-funded services, social security benefits, occupational and personal pensions, medical consent, tax, student grants, sexual relations, legal status, death and inheritance, co-ownership of property, tenancies and related subjects.